Bavetta Family in Argentina

This is a picture of my Bavetta relatives in Argentina. We do not know their names! If you have relatives in Argentina (circa 1900) , maybe you know who is in this picture? Argentine group retouched3

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1 comment to Bavetta Family in Argentina

  • Tracey McCoy

    They are probably related to me! When my grandfather’s family left Sicily, only my grandfather (Leonardo) came to North America. The rest of his 7 brothers/sisters went to Argentina! I have spoken briefly with a few cousins in Argentina, but they can’t speak English very well. So due to the language barrier, we have difficulties communicating. But I do know that my dad’s 7 aunts/uncles all left Sicily and settled in Argentina. My one cousin in Argentina is named Claudia Bavetta and she speaks the best english. I will try to somehow forward her this picture and see if she knows. Next time I see my dad I will ask him as well.

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