Italian Given/Baptism Names – follow the pattern

Given Names

Italian given names are often derived from Biblical names, such as Giuseppe (Joseph) or from the names of a saint, such as Francesco (Francis).

When baptized, children were usually given several given names. Some of these may be the names of parents or other relatives. In some areas, names given at baptism were not the same names that the child used during life. Civil registration records may only list a child’s first given name, but church records (such as baptism registers) would list all of the given names.

In Italy a particular naming pattern was very common and continues to be used in some regions today. The following pattern may be helpful in researching family groups and determining the parents of the mother and father:

If a child died, often the name was given to the next child of that gender.

[Research Guidance: Italy - Research Outline] Research Guidance Version Of Data : 6/8/2001.

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