New Bavetta Family Tree website coming soon!

This is the new website for the Bavetta Genealogy Project. It is still under construction as I move the data from the Tribal Pages website. In the meantime, you can still enter data at Tribal Pages until I close that site. Once I finish this new website, it will allow users to choose which language they view the site in and be more customized. In the meantime you can watch our progress! I will keep this blog up to date with the most current information.

Questo è il nuovo sito web per la Bavetta Genealogy Project. E ‘ancora in costruzione, come spostare i dati dal Tribal Pagine website. Nel frattempo, è ancora possibile inserire i dati Tribal Pagine fino a chiudere il sito. Una volta che concludo questo nuovo sito web, che consentirà agli utenti di scegliere quale lingua visualizzare il sito in più ed essere personalizzati. Nel frattempo è possibile vedere i nostri progressi! Io non mancherà di tenere questo blog aggiornato con le informazioni più recenti.

Este es el nuevo sitio Web para el Proyecto de Genealogía Bavetta. Esto está todavía bajo la construcción cuando muevo los datos del Páginas Tribales sitio Web. Mientras tanto, usted todavía puede entrar en datos en Páginas Tribales hasta que yo cierre aquel sitio. Una vez que termino este nuevo sitio Web, esto permitirá que usuarios elijan en qué lengua ellos ven el sitio y son más personalizan. ¡Mientras tanto usted puede mirar nuestro progreso! Guardaré este blog moderno con la información más corriente.

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4 comments to Things are Changing at!

  • Taneya

    are you going to use TNG? I just replied to your tweet about it. i've been using it for three years myself and love it!

  • Beth

    Yep! I'm using TNG. I'd love to see your site, what is the link?

  • I input my URL for this comment so you can see my site. I am very impressed by your new setup! I have yet to take the time to learn how to integrate TNG w/ a CMS platform.

    • Administrator

      Hi Taneya… I just checked out your site. Looks like you have been working hard – you have lots of data. Do you allow others to sign in and edit the tree? Do they have any difficulty finding their way around? One of the biggest reasons I haven’t gone live yet is I want to make REAL sure that the site is easy to navigate. It’s taken me awhile to get the wordpress side up and running. You should try the integration, it works pretty easily with the WP-TNG plugin. The only thing I had to do is remove the Theme for for TNG, but you don’t have to. I have a few more cosmetic this to do too. Thanks for your comments…

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