Italian Given/Baptism Names – follow the pattern

Given Names

Italian given names are often derived from Biblical names, such as Giuseppe (Joseph) or from the names of a saint, such as Francesco (Francis).

When baptized, children were usually given several given names. Some of these may be the names of parents or other relatives. In some areas, names given [...]

Sicilian Genealogy and the meaning of Sicilian names; Siciliana Genealogia e il significato dei nomi siciliani

Finding my way in searching for old Sicilian family records has been challenging! I found this website, which offers some helpful tidbits. Also interesting is this website that tells the meaning of Siclian names. For example, my great grandfather’s name was Andrea. According to this website, it is now [...]

The Bavetta Genealogy Project Map! – now on Google Maps

Visit this site and add your location! Bavettas on Google Maps

The Bavetta Genealogy Project is creating family trees for all Bavettas in the world. The website is located at You can also add your name and city to this map.

Bavetta Genealogy il progetto è la creazione di alberi genealogici per tutti Bavettas nel mondo. [...]