Great Genealogy Hints! WWI Draft Registration Cards

Click here to see the WWI draft registration card for my great uncle, Calogero (Charles or Charlie as we called him!) Bavetta. As you will see from the card, it has lots of good information such as the name of his father (Andrew or Andrea Bavetta) and their addres at the time. [...]

Lucien and Mildred Bavetta

Here is a picture of my grandmother and grandfather. My grandfather changed his name from Luciano to Lucien when he arrived in the United States as a young boy.

Bavetta Family in Argentina

This is a picture of my Bavetta relatives in Argentina. We do not know their names! If you have relatives in Argentina (circa 1900) , maybe you know who is in this picture?

Grazia Puccio, Rosalia and Caterina Bavetta

This is a picture of my two great aunts and their step-mother. They were all born in Santa Margherita di Belice in Sicily.

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Chiesa Madre di S.Margherita di Belice

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For many years we believed my great grandmother’s maiden name was Giovinco. Then a kind facebook friend in Sicily went to the registrar’s office in Santa Margherita di Belice and obtained the birth records of my grandfather’s family. That’s when we found out that Andrea Bavetta was married to Liboria Giovenco (not Giovinco). [...]

Buon Ferragosto, tutti!

Today is Ferragosto in Italy, the day when Roman Catholics believe the Virgin Mary is supposed to have ascended to heaven, and a major Italian holiday. Even before the time of Christ, however, Romans honored the gods on August 15 with a celebration they called Feriae Augusti. So while the Catholic church might have co-opted [...]

Going on Vacation will be on vacation for a week or so.

Hope you are enjoying your summer holiday!